I am a busy person. I am the kind of busy person that even if I was suddenly unemployed and out of school and bedridden I would still be a busy person, because I can’t stand not to work and make and play with whatever I have. My grandfather is pushing eighty and still the kind of guy you’ll catch repairing his neighbour’s roof: maybe it’s genetic.

Today I woke up feeling a bit frantic about everything that needed to get done; my work is so eclectic that it means learning to jump from project to project with a bit of grace. It ended up being a really deeply productive day though, not just in terms of garbage I got out of my inbox but through making some really valuable connections. You know when you just kind of open yourself up to opportunity and it suddenly appears right on your lap? That kind of day: all kinds of new projects and challenges and great vibes. So today was the day of saying “Yes!” to everything — and tomorrow will be the day I have figure out how to make it all happen.

I never thought I’d be the kind of person who would “get” something like yoga, but I guess I’m surprising myself: it has been such incredible balancing force over the last few months. Making time for yoga—even when I’m stressing about a major contract or chairing a meeting of hundreds of people or a dense report for a client—has forced me to make time for myself, and ultimately, it’s making me better at what I do. Plus, now I can do this pose:



Which is pretty cool.