[In which I make recommendations for hungry travellers]

If you are in Utrecht, have a dark beer you’ve never heard of and hang out with one of the city’s most famous cats at Cafe DeRat.

If you are in New York, go on a date at Siggy’s, or a fancier date at L’école, or a ramen date where you stand in line for an hour getting drunk first at Ippudo. The most important thing is who your date is.

If you are in Boston, there is a reason everyone loves brunch at Tatte.

If you are in Paris, buy bread and cheese from the market and sit by the water drinking grocery store wine. Everything else is too expensive.

If you are in Amsterdam and want to do something really campy, rent a bike and hang out on the beach at Blijburg.

If you are in Barcelona, find a seat at the bar at la Gata Mala, make friends with Trinity and order everything they have.

If you are in Ramallah, just eat olives and baklava all day. Share them with strangers on buses while you’re stopped at checkpoints, waiting.

If you are in Toronto, stop at Seven Lives for fish tacos, then drink tall cans while watching fire breathers and hula hoopers in the park.

You’ll thank me.