I just got back from an awesome weekend helping with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association’s RightsWatch conference (this year’s theme was Civil Liberties and Democracy in the Digital Age: Privacy, Media and Free Expression). In an attempt to tie in some practical work with the conference’s policy talk, we organized a sort of booth/space using the Cryptoparty modelContinue reading “Ten”


McSweeney’s Internet Tendency makes me giggle. From Our Killer Appears to be a Millennial: “So we start creating content that feels authentically shareable—vines, photos, longreads, whatever. It’s all gotta speak to his interests as an always-on, social-focused doer/maker who might work as a barista during the day but spends his evenings following his true passionContinue reading “Nine”


Today I found a photo collection from Jon Crispin of abandoned suitcases discovered at the Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane. Crispin talks about having to obfuscate the identities of their owners: “Here’s a weird story: When I do the shooting, my digital photographs are labeled with what’s called IPTC information. It’s all the camera metadataContinue reading “Five”


There’s this incredible gentleman in my life, and it’s his birthday today. I shipped him a box of homemade cookies, which travelled six hundred kilometres to his door and arrived a day late. They were delayed at the border, and—because they were a surprise—I had to worry in secret about what a disappointment it wouldContinue reading “Two”