My name is Lex. I live in Montreal, and lately I’ve been spending my time between here, Toronto and New York City. If you’re interested, you can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter, too. If it’s urgent, just email my name at gmail.com.

Sometimes I travel to strange lands, speak at conferences and events, and talk on the radio about politics and social justice. In the Fall I’ll be McGill University’s Law Faculty and I’m a graduate of Concordia’s School of Community and Public Affairs.

I do project management, training and research and my favourite side project right now is MTL SOUP. I’d love if you’d join us for our next event.

I used to worry that I would never settle on a single cause to fight for, an ideology worth sticking to, a favourite colour or an orderly career path. But Heinlein said that thing about specialization and insects for a reason, so on my good days I remember that the future is shamelessly interdisciplinary, and we can be too.