Getting in touch:

  • I prefer voice calls, Signal, SMS, Semaphor, Slack, or OTR to email.
  • I don’t treat my inbox on any platform like a to-do list, and tend to respond to messages based on priority rather than the order I’ve received them. Priority is a function of the joy it brings me to respond, the importance of the message, urgency,* how busy I am, the necessity of a response,** and whether it’s easier to reply in a different channel.
  • I try to spend mornings in deep work / hack mode, so I’m unlikely to reply on any channel before 10am EST. If you need me urgently, just phone.
  • This is normally a pretty efficient and relatively stress-free approach to dealing with communication, and it helps keep me in touch with my values. Some things invariably get left by the wayside, so feel free to send a nudge. If it takes a while for me to get back to you, please know that I’m grateful for your patience.

* but note the old saying, “a failure of planning on your part…”
** see also LMGTFY and it’s in the syllabus.