Ways to get in touch:

  • You can send a message to my name at gmail.com. You can find my public key for that account here.
  • You can email me at the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (lgill at ccla dot org) for CCLA-related work issues.
  • You can email me at the Citizen Lab (lex at citizen lab dot ca) for Citizen Lab-related work issues. You can find my public key for that account here.
  • You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • OTR: 5F3DCDB2 3AA51B00 B9CE2D97 6063DF29 7FBA607F

New email policy (Fall 2016):

  • I get a lot of emails!
  • I generally reply faster to Signal, Jabber and text messages.
  • I don’t treat my email inbox like a to-do list, and tend to respond to emails based on priority rather than the order I’ve received them. Priority is a function of the joy it brings me to respond, the importance of the message, urgency*, how busy I am, the necessity of a response**, and whether it’s easier to just reply in a different channel.
  • This is normally a pretty efficient and relatively stress-free approach to dealing with email, and it helps keep me in touch with my values. Some things invariably get left by the wayside though, so feel free to send a nudge.
  • If I don’t respond after a second email, It means that either I couldn’t make your email a priority (see above), or that I’m really, truly swamped. In either case, no offence intended.

* but note the old saying, “a failure of planning on your part…”
** see also LMGTFY and it’s in the syllabus.