Today I dealt with just the most absurd series of bureaucratic interactions—at the post office, at the university, at the bank. It was massively exhausting (and to top it off I got a flat tire!). After a morning like that, then six hours of an intensive grad class on feminist approaches in CED, I felt pretty exhausted by the time I got to NDG for a meeting.

We had to get together to do a bit of planning for MTL SOUP, and no matter how tired I was, I’m glad I went. The event is going to be amazing: intimate, democratic, thoughtful, nourishing, lightweight community building at its best. 

It’s really energizing to be building a new community project from the ground up with such amazing people. There’s a sense that if the launch is a success, there’s a lot of opportunity for growth, and there’s already so much support from the wider community. We’re trying to do things properly from the very beginning: linking to what’s already good in the city, using the resources that already exist, and building a messy little web of excuses for already great organizations to work more closely (and enjoy a meal) together. It’s why we’re cooking vegan from scratch, using reusable dishes, borrowing from faith organizations, insisting on a democratic process, bringing in local musicians, and hosting in a multidisciplinary student art space.

It’s really liberating to do something so simple and lighthearted right from start to finish.