I’ve had this incredibly vivid dream several times now where I’m standing in a warmly-lit room, like a yoga studio, and I have a sort of three dimensional screen in front of me. I have tight blue gloves on, and I’m using the gloves inside the screen space to sculpt a massive slab of clay. The clay, even though it’s just an image, feels heavy and wet and soft through the gloves, and I make all kinds of things with it : an animal shape, a bowl, a cup. Sometimes I press a button, and then rows and rows of the object I made start to appear on a shiny conveyor belt running through my studio room in different colours and sizes. I normally pick one of the objects and leave the room, like this is no particularly big deal at all.

So in my sleep I suppose I dreamt up a 3D sculpting and printing machine — which isn’t much of a far-off idea at all, which is probably the strangest part about it.