From Two LSAT logic games for writers by Elizabeth L. Silver in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency:

Question 2

Twenty-five artists recently graduated from a liberal arts university and are looking for day jobs with flexibility. Five are writers, five are painters, one is a sculptor, two are dancers, two are musicians, and ten are actors. They need to fill out their weekly schedules while still permitting the thrill of ingenuousness to win out over early-onset cynicism.

The following restrictions apply:

All twenty-five graduates have student debt.
Only two graduates have family money.
Seven graduates come from artsy families.
Three will find early success in their twenties.
The writers’ and artists’ work sometimes overlaps.
Only twelve graduates are willing to work in food service.

1. Within a few years, half of the graduates will move coasts. What will they be doing?

a. All the writers will move to New York, but leave after three years.
b. Five artists will move to California and work as assistants.
c. The dancers, painters, and sculptor will move home and transform their old bedrooms into workspaces.
d. Two writers will publish short essays in online magazines about the time they got a tattoo and lost their dog and tried to join the Peace Corps.
e. All writers, poets, and artists will apply to graduate school.”