From How to Construct a Time Machine, at MK Gallery. (via happyfamousartists).

The show’s title is taken from an 1899 text by the avant-garde French writer, Alfred Jarry, written in direct response to H. G. Wells’ science fiction novel The Time Machine (1895). Wells invented and popularised a distinctively modern, fictional concept of time travel, with the time machine as a vehicle that could be operated ‘selectively’.Jarry’s response crafted a pseudo-scientific fiction that presents the time machine and time travel as an instance of ‘the science of imaginary solutions.’


Tehching Hseih: One Year Performance, 1980 – 1981, Punching theTime Clock. Photo: Michael Shen, 1980.


100 Years by Kris Martin (“A sleek bronze sculpture, size of a football ball, that also acts as a time bomb. It is set by Martin to detonate in 2104.”)