By Billy-Ray Belcourt (2017), via Matthew Ogle’s Pome. Towards a Theory of Decolonization 1. forget everything you’ve learned about love. 2. investment is the social practice whereby one risks losing it all to be part of something that feels like release. lose everything with me. 3. indian time is a form of time travel. aContinue reading “FOUR HUNDRED AND SIXTY”


I picked up Charles Yu’s How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe yesterday and I’ve just been plowing through it. A passage from early on in the book: The earliest memory I have of my own dad is the two of us, sitting on my bed as he reads me a book we have checkedContinue reading “THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN”


From How to Construct a Time Machine, at MK Gallery. (via happyfamousartists). The show’s title is taken from an 1899 text by the avant-garde French writer, Alfred Jarry, written in direct response to H. G. Wells’ science fiction novel The Time Machine (1895). Wells invented and popularised a distinctively modern, fictional concept of time travel, with the time machine asContinue reading “TWO HUNDRED AND NINE”